selected Essays & criticism

“When Vija Celmins Holds the World Still,” Hyperallergic, March 2019

“How John Berger Restores Our Relationship to Art,” Hyperallergic, January 2019

"Helen Molesworth’s Last MOCA Exhibition Is an Act of Love," Hyperallergic, November 2018

"Dressing Up My Dog After William Wegman's Photos of Weimaraners," Hyperallergic, November 2017

"The Idiosyncratic Writings of Leonora Carrington, a Reluctant Surrealist," Hyperallergic, June 2017

"Maira Kalman's Daily Digressions," Hyperallergic, February 2017

"The Only Known Footage of Marcel Proust, or Proust Descending a Staircase," Hyperallergic, February 2017

"Andy Warhol's Self-Conscious and Perfect Bodies," Hyperallergic, January 2017

"John Berger's Rare Art Criticism," Hyperallergic, January 2017

"The Met Breuer Traces the Unfinished to the Deliberately Incomplete in Western Art," Hyperallergic, March 2016

"Marcel Broodthaers's Fraught Relationship with Words," Hyperallergic, March 2016

"Performing Slanderous and Sweet Words Said About Women," Hyperallergic, March 2016

"Polaroids Steeped in the Fog of Memory," Hyperallergic, February 2016

"At Home with Vilhelm Hammershoi," Hyperallergic, December 2015

"'Familiar, Unbidden': Finding Home with Elizabeth Bishop," Hyperallergic, November 2015

"Connecting the Lines Between Gego and Sarah Sze," Hyperallergic, October 2015

"The Kalman Family's Language of Looking," Hyperallergic, June 2015

"Animating and Dismantling the Monuments of War," Guernica, January 2013 

on latin american art & culture

"How Tarsila do Amaral Reinvented Brazilian Identity with Modern Art," Hyperallergic, April 2018

"Falling in Love with an Empty Man: The Work of José Leonilson," Paris Review Daily, January 2018

"Seeing Latin America's Capitals Through a More Personal Lens," Hyperallergic, January 2018

"An Artist Who Made Her Personal Life Central to Her Art," Hyperallergic, December 2017

"Ways to Talk About Latin American and Latino Art," Hyperallergic, November 2017

"Hélio Oiticica in New York," Paris Review Daily, September 2017

"Channeling Lygia Pape's Radical Relationship to Space," Hyperallergic, March 2017

"Art for an Uncertain World at the São Paulo Biennial," Hyperallergic, October 2016

"Singing Along with Two Titans of Brazilian Music," Hyperallergic, April 2016

"Contemporary Brazilian Artists at Home with Neo-Concretists," Hyperallergic, August 2015

essays about translation

“The Translator’s Bookshelf,” Words Without Borders, February 2019

"Tarsila do Amaral: Translating Modernism in Brazil," Words Without Borders, May 2018 

"An Artist Lays Bare the Obsessive Process of Translating Her Father's Novel," Hyperallergic, March 2018

"The Harrowing Translations of Valeria Luiselli," The Millions, June 2017

reviews of literature in translation

“Albert Cossery’s ‘Laziness in the Fertile Valley,’” Words Without Borders, January 2014

“Guillermo Rosales’s ‘Leapfrog & Other Stories,’” Words Without Borders, 2014

"Antonio Tabbuchi's 'The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico,'" Words Without Borders, March 2013

Selected news & obituaries


"Curator Called Before Senate Hearing as Brazil's Right-Wing Groups Target the Arts," November 2017

"Vito Acconci, Audacious Artist and Experimental Architect, Dies at 77," Hyperallergic, April 2017

"Remembering Brazilian Poet and Art Critic Ferreira Gullar," Hyperallergic, November 2016

"Tunga, Brazilian Artist Known for His Alchemical and Monumental Work, Dies at 64," Hyperallergic, June 2016  

"Brazilian Artists Protest Interim President's Dissolution of Ministry of Culture," Hyperallergic, May 2016

"The Fifty-First State?," The Nation, November 2012

"Brazil's Prison Problem," The Nation, November 2012




"'You Can't Say It Doesn't Exist': A Curator on the Art of Latin American Women from 1960 to '85," Hyperallergic, December 2017 

"Olafur Eliasson on Turning Light into Color," Hyperallergic, January 2015

"On Curating, and Translating, Latin American Art," Hyperallergic, November 2014


personal & poetic musings


"Art After Trump: Turning to Women Authors," Hyperallergic, December 2016

"A Love Note to Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from the 'Wizard of Oz,'" Hyperallergic, October 2016

"A Guide to Brazilian Breakfast for the Olympics and Beyond," Extra Crispy, August 2016

Contribution to Websafe 2k16 project, June 2016

Contribution to Lists of Things We Like project, December 2015


photo essays


"Lina Bo Bardi's Glass House and the Multiple Worlds It Contains," Hyperallergic, November 2016




"A Brasília Christmas," Wordstock Anthology, 2012